IOT and Embedded Systems Testing

Devices are connecting the world like never before – but their security risks are commonly overlooked.
Connected devices are everywhere. Homes, offices, even wearables – and those devices often talk to the cloud to enable many of the amazing features everyone has come to expect. But this greater connectedness increases cybersecurity and privacy concerns that need to be audited and addressed.

In the past hackers thought penetration testing IoT (Internet of Things) and Embedded devices was equivalent to hardware hacking: dump the ROM memory and reverse engineer the code looking for vulnerabilities. That may be part of the assessment, but we’ve found that it’s so much more. It’s everything. The corporate infrastructure, the APIs, the web and mobile apps, etc. It’s having a team that understands the whole ecosystem.

VDA Labs has an experienced and adaptable team of professionals. We look forward to helping you find and fix issues across the IoT and Embedded spaces.

IOT & Embedded Systems

Embedded and IoT devices are everywhere, connecting the world like never before. These devices may appear simple on the surface – serving as simple input and output, such as a smart thermostat monitoring the temperature and controlling the heater, but they open up more attack surface area than meets the eye.

Poorly secured IoT devices have already proven to be threats – whether it’s a compromised router allowing an attacker to pivot into an otherwise secured network, or a IP camera that has become a part of a botnet used in a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, the security implications are serious.

It takes a special kind of team to be adaptable enough to conduct security assessments against infrastructure hardware one week and a consumer device the next. VDA Labs has a proven track record of doing just that.

Experienced where it counts

Complete testing of IoT and embedded devices is more complicated than a normal penetration test for many reasons – mainly because there are less general-purpose tools (Metasploit, etc) to audit the often proprietry attack surfaces. VDA Labs has experience assessing security with:

  • Building controllers (smart buildings)
  • Machine and industrial control systems (ICS)
  • Connected consumer electronics devices
  • Networking hardware (including infrastructure)
  • Next generation security software
  • Video surveillance and IP camera systems
  • SOHO
  • Home appliances
  • and more
Automotive Security Assessments
IOT and Embedded Systems Testing