Leveling up has never been so good.
The training team at VDA Labs possesses an unrivaled level of expertise in the industry working in the public sector, academia, consulting, and for vendors – and we can’t wait to share what we know with you. We have been delivering expert-class training in many formats over the past 10+ years at many of the premiere security conferences across the globe.

In addition to conference events, we also do private trainings on site, and have select courses available online via Pluralsight.

Custom courses available upon request


The following standard courses are regularly conducted by VDA Labs – to see the next upcoming sessions, check the upcoming list to the right.

Cybersecurity Training Suite

Application Security: For Hackers and Developers
Advanced Exploitation
Advanced Malware Training
Deeper Investigations for the SOC
Security Leadership Training
For any VDA class students should bring:

  • Modern laptop capable of playing a VM (player, workstation, or fusion)
  • Plenty of HD (at least 70 GB free), CPU (at least 4 cores), and RAM (at least 8 GB)
  • You’ll need a USB port to copy the VM media to your HD
There was so much information that it was like drinking water through a fire hose… impossible to catch it all, but well presented.
Shane Shellenbarger

Former Conference Student - Now a leader in the Field