We practice what we teach. REALLY.

VDA Labs, LLC, was founded in 2007 to make the world safer by providing best-in-class cyber security services, products, and training.  Our amazing engineers work with hightech makers, government, enterprises, and the training industry. VDA enables:

  • Secure Software Engineering
    • Software Maturity Assessments and SDLC
    • Teaching our flagship courses at Black Hat for 13 years
    • Dynamic/Fuzzing, Static, and Component analysis
  • Security Testing
    • Code Auditing
    • Red Teaming
      • Server, Desktop, App, Mobile, IoT, ICS, Embedded, Aircraft, and Automotive
      • Exploit testing
  • Blueteam Delivery
    • IT Security Engineering and Information Assurance
    • Tuning
      • SIEM, CASB, etc.
    • vCISO
  • Security Architecture & Advanced Software Security Research
    • Platform Mitigations, Hypervisors, APIs, etc.
  • Reverse engineering
    • Intellectual Property Litigation Support
  • Investigative
    • Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting
  • GRC
    • PCI Pentests
    • HIPAA Audits
  • Training
    • AppSec, Security Awareness, IR, Pentesting
VDA LABS Shield Logo


VDA Labs operates as a distributed team with consultants across the US. We pride ourselves on our collaborative workflow and general flexibility to the needs of both our customers and our team.

If this sounds like a good fit, visit our careers page to see current open positions!