Business Email Compromise (BEC) and other forms of social engineering attacks, which often lead to events like ransomware and data theft, are the number one threats companies face today.  We know because we conduct incident response.  Organizations need all staff to know the basics.  For example, CIS top 20 are basic measures that all IT folks should know.  How to spot and report attacks are skills that all employees should possess.  There are a number of technical controls that can be put in place to add layers of defense.  However, the number one thing organizations should do is implement an effective and ongoing cyber security awareness training program — companywide.

But many cyber security awareness classes are boring computer based trainings (CBTs) that people are forced to watch – and resent it.  Or there are other automated phishing programs or other cyber tools that throw in security awareness training as part of the package.  But it’s training with some technical content, but no real educational design behind it.

At VDA, we’ve partnered with learning experts that understand how to create interactive training suites. We recognize that cyber training needs to be technically accurate and comprehensive.  But it also needs to be designed from the ground up by teachers that know how to make data stick, to create real change in behavior.  Our brand new suite is:

  • Learning management system ready, with deployment assistance
  • Fun, story driven adventures with boss fights
  • Includes follow up quizzes on the months you’re not taking a module
  • Optionally includes phishing campaigns to measure before and after effectiveness, which we run for you

Our Cybersecurity Training Suite isn’t too long or tedious, or read by some bot.  The course keeps you hooked on learning cyber – so your company can breath a little easier.  Contact us at for more information.