VDA was recently interviewed by the news (WWMT) about the Darknet, here is the story:

To add to that, we’d like to provide some tips on how to safely use the Darkweb for research:

  • Tails OS is the easiest/safest way to get on
    • Create a Tails OS bootable USB
    • Visit the darkweb and use the search engine called “torch”
    • Search for “hacking services” or whatever you’re legally researching
    • The reason we recommend a bootable USB like Tails, is because if you install just the TOR browser, you need to worry about leaking DNS.
  • If using your personal/primary computer – be sure your hard drive is full-disk encrypted
    • It should be fine to use personal computer (we don’t though), because the Tails USB does not use the hard drive
    • It uses a RAM drive – so nothing should touch your permanent drive/storage
    • Note: Tails OS works better on PCs/Linux, but may work for Mac as well

Obviously we trust you will not use this insight to step into muddy water, but only for legal research.  On that note: consider getting involved, or make a donation to https://www.innocentlivesfoundation.org/ – to the heros who are trying to stop online predators from abusing tools like Tor to exploit the innocent.

VDA also provided the darknet video that WWMT used for their story.  The more complete videos are here for those curious about the types of things that exist on the darkweb (but who may not want to actually try and get on it):

  1. Searching the darkweb
  2. Hacking Services 
  3. Counterfeit IDs 
  4. Counterfeit Money 
  5. Drugs 
  6. Weapons 
  7. Hitmen 
  8. Etc…