There are a number of InfoSec conferences around the world these days.  Most are pretty solid.  In Michigan, there are a number each year too.  A couple that VDA labs was at lately were the Michigan Cyber Security Conference and GrrCon.  Both were very solid events.  We gave back to the community by speaking and sponsoring.  Also, had a blast with new and former friends and colleagues.  Thank you all!

There is such a need for information sharing and training, networking, services, and products in security.  As we look out over 20 years, we see that things have the potential to be more secure because of better awareness and technical solutions.  We also see technology being adopted at a rate that is faster than security is being applied.  That’s the big challenge we face heading into 2018.  How do we better apply security controls to people, processes, technology, and software in today’s high tech and fast paced world?  The answer is different for each company we talk to.  Some need to start with security testing, to learn what they don’t know, and to help prioritize vulnerabilities.  Whatever you do, let’s make 2018 more proactive, and less reactive!