Well, it’s that time of year.  Everyone is wrapping up 2016 and planning for 2017.  In cyber, we tend to have a tradition of making predictions.  Security continues to be a hard problem, so here are my thoughts:


  • We will see death from hacking pick up in the next year or two; there are several ways this can occur, and the risks are increasing almost exponentially
  • Attacks will become more personal, more threatening to an individual’s way of life, whether it’s stolen/erased medical records, IoT in the home attacks, etc.
  • Auto or mass transit mayhem is likely next year due to hacking; we saw the incident in San Francisco, but there are so many other ways this could get worse, particularly with smart cars and aviation
  • Software and cyber war legislation starting to take form
  • In application security, developer training and pentests are not enough. More and more of the security needs to be part of “continuous integration” –  built in every time code updates are made
    • For pure development shops, this is a reasonable change. For enterprises with existing applications, which is an end-to-end (mobile, web, etc.) problem – this gives CISOs one more thing to worry about.  And CISOs may not be AppSec experts.  They’ll need lead developers who know and care about security.
  • Enterprise endpoint security is still an open market. There is no single approach that has been proven to be best in all cases.  Many companies/technologies are battling it out in the market.  Many will be bought or consolidate over the next couple years.
  • Political disruption is a growing threat and one we should be worried about. For example, Russia is likely to continue to use – and refine – it’s ability to manipulate public opinion based on social media and news assets, with the goal of destabilizing regions like Europe.
  • Finally, we need to think about our vulnerabilities in space. Malware targeting satellites, space stations, etc. are a threat.


But mostly I’m hopefully for a prosperous and peaceful new year.  We’ve proven time and again, that when we put our minds together to solve hard problems, creative solutions can be found.  Blessings in the new year!