The very best actually.  The people.  The trainings.  The talks.  The vendors.  The networking (hi to my OSI friends).  The parties (thx Synopsys for another fun CodenomiCON).  Every year, I see old friends from awesome companies that I only see once a year in Vegas (hi Rafal).  And every year I meet new people (thanks Meghan/Pluralsight for taking us to the ice bar).  And every year it’s absolutely hard work, but so much fun, and so worth it.  I’ve probably talked to a couple hundred people over the last week, and that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most.

To those of you that I met, I want you to know, it’s people that matter the most to me.  I think that’s why I’m so passionate about training.  One cool trend I’ve noticed in many years of teaching at Black Hat, is that I used to get mostly security researchers in my classes.  But now I get devs, testers, managers, malware/security analysts, even a journalist (hi Robert)!  That’s so awesome.  I mean, I love it when hard core security folks show up (hi – especially to my international students that took the Adv Exploit Class).  But training the people that actually make the code – that’s how we move this industry forward.  I’m so excited about safer systems and software.

After more epic talks today, I’m looking forward to seeing folks at the many events tonight, like the Cyber Grand Challenge.  The Binary Defense Systems (BDS), Microsoft, Qualcomm, and other networking events will be awesome too!  See you around, and say hi if you’re here.