The following individuals are examples of the experts that VDA Labs empowers to succeed on consulting and training engagements.

jared_demottDr. Jared DeMott – Lead Trainer and Consultant has researched, trained, and consulted in security for 16 years.  DeMott has completed in-depth research projects such as helping create Microsoft’s EMET protection tool via placing in the BlueHat prize contest.  DeMott leads the creation of course content, and spearheads consulting engagements.

josh_stroscheinJosh Stroschein – Senior Trainer and Consultant has spent over a decade as a programmer and consultant with a focus on application security. His expertise includes malware analysis, application security, software development, and reverse engineering.  Josh enjoys teaching VDA Labs classes.  He’s nearly complete with his PhD in CS.



Various stapurphackerff – Our senior Penetration Testers are experts at breaking into corporate enterprises. External, internal, phishing, physical, wireless, and mobile are part of our core ethical hacking offering. But we believe in training the blue with the red, which is why we typically call it purple teaming.




Josh Blake – Security Research and Software Security Consultant has passions in: fuzzing, code auditing, malware analysis, and exploitation. Josh has a Master’s of Computer Science, and will begin his PhD soon. His research is on emerging topics in enterprise security with a focus on finding, understanding, and preventing bugs.



michelle_lentzMichelle Lentz – Office Manager is a bean counter extraordinaire.  Someone has to work contracts, look after the books, and keep these guys in line.  Lucky me.