Pentesting and audits

We can hack your network and systems from the outside or inside.  We can social engineer your staff.  We can break in physically.  But we don’t just do all of that.  We show the blue-team how we did it, so you’re ready for a real attacker.  Every company wants different parts of that based on where they are.  We provide as much or as little as you’re ready for.

Incident response

How bad is the event?  What can we do about it?  What did the malware do?  We help you answer all of those questions.

Building, breaking, and deploying next-gen security products

Want an independent test of a system you’re thinking to deploy?  VDA can help you understand the pros and cons of “next-gen” technologies of all kinds.

Security awareness

We hold a number of security awareness seminars.  Your staff will finally understand why clicking that link is bad.