We've been leaders in the security field for many combined decades. In that time, we’ve seen stack overflows become use-after-frees. We’ve seen red teaming become purple teaming. We understand why “next-gen” is needed. We've not just worked in security, we wrote the book, spear-headed the project, and created the class. When you choose VDA for consulting, or take one of our trainings, we want you to know, you're getting the best. Our spectrum of expertise includes: pentesting, software security, intrusion investigations, and security consulting, research, and training. We'd love to partner with you.


VDA Labs stands for “Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis”.  That’s what we do.  We know how to find and act on bugs to better your organization.  We have deep experience with: Enterprise security Pentesting and audits Incident response Building, breaking, and


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At VDA Labs, our reputation means everything to us. For that reason, we do not recommend other companies lightly. We only work with companies that we trust and know the leadership team personally. We demand that any company we recommend

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